Muslim Converts' Association of Singapore

Introductory Courses

Begin your journey with our introductory courses to better understand Islam.
  • Knowing Islam Session (KIS)

    Every newcomer to Darul Arqam is encouraged to attend this course. It offers an introduction to Islam and serves as the basis to other courses at Darul Arqam.
  • Beginners' Course on Islam (BCI)

    BCI covers the fundamentals of Islam based on our recommended text, ‘Essence of Islam’. It conducts a visit to the mosque where participants receive a demonstration of mosque etiquette.
  • Beginners' Course on Islam 2 (BCI2)

    Islam is a simple religion, not a simplistic one. This discussion-based course enhances your understanding of Islam as a religion of Fitrah (nature). It allows us the opportunity to facilitate your quest to realise the beauty of Islam.
  • Solah Tutorial 2 (ST2)

    Demonstrates the full spectrum of aspects in prayer with a comprehensive coverage on performing the non-obligatory (sunnah) portions and the complete recitations in the obligatory (fardhu) prayers.

Enrichment Courses

Further your learning experience with our enrichment courses to improve your knowledge.
  • MONDAYS Khulafa Ar-Rashidin

    Learn the history and understand the lessons behind the meaningful events that happened in the Prophets' lives.
  • TUESDAYS Understanding Quran

    This course offers to focus on the core meaning and essence of the Quran, hence allowing students to ponder over the message and the meaning of the Quran.
  • WEDNESDAY Beginning Of Guidance

    A simple and complete discussion of the basics of obedience, submission, and devotion to Allah. It is ideal for new Muslim converts or newly practising Muslim.
  • SATURDAYS Shamail Muhammad

    Students will learn and benefit from the compilation of hadiths by Imam Tirmizi on the characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh which includes how the Prophet led his daily life.

Get Involved

Get Involved with Darul Arqam to help other New Muslims in Singapore.
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