Al-Mawrid Library


First known as The Resource Centre on Islam (Al-Mawrid), it is the first centre of its kind in Singapore that brings together a collection of English reference materials on Islam under one roof. It was a joint collaboration between the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) and Muslim Converts' Association of Singapore (Darul Arqam Singapore). The centre brings within reach materials which are not easily found in bookstores and public libraries.

Renamed Al-Mawrid Resource Library, it holds more then 3000 books and resources in multiple languages such as English, Malay, Arabic and Tagalog languages, ranging from classical literature on subjects like Shari’ah (Islamic law), ‘Aqidah (belief system), early civilizations to contemporary discourses in economics, politics, social issues and many other disciplines in Islamic studies. Initially, Al-Mawrid was located within the Islamic education hub at Wisma Indah.

Currently, Al-Mawrid Resource Library is located at the Galaxy building @ 32 Onan Rd.


Al-Mawrid’s primary aim is to be a beacon for the Muslim community in Singapore to bring to the other communities and faiths closer towards a better understanding of Islam through published works of prominent writers.


  • Be a one-stop information hub, catering to the needs of researchers, members of the academia, and students of religious institutions as well as avid readers
  • Build up a compilation of traditional and contemporary works and reference materials.
  • Inculcate and encourage a reading culture grounded on renowned works on Islam, especially among members of the younger generation.
  • Facilitate research on Islam to all visitors.

Upcoming Activity

Book Sharing Session

A book sharing on Aiman Azlan’s bestseller “Unshakeable: How to Be Confident When You’re Nervous". Audience will be engaged in a session where youth mentor Aiman Azlan guides us through his self-help guide. The book abounds with tips and tricks based on personal experiences and scientific studies meant to build one's self-confidence. Join this session if you're in need of an esteem boost!


  • Book Sharing Session.
  • Competition; Essay / Writing, Calligraphy, Arabic writing competition.
  • Islamic Art Exhibition.
  • Communities of Practice.

Operating Hours

  • 11am - 6pm
  • 10am - 5pm
  • Closed