Intro_IslamWe believe that social and community welfare is one of the most significant areas of charity. As our community faces the need to address a range of material, psychological, social and relational assistance, we undertake the work that encompasses a variety of programmes to achieve several welfare goals through methods such as relief, prevention and intervention.

While we provide support as well as information, advice, education and training, our programmes are designed to promote social cohesion, social inclusiveness, social diversity, and foster the productive functioning of groups in the broader community.

We believe that charity is a means of social justice.

A society can flourish only when its members do not spend all their wealth to fulfil their own desires, but reserve a portion of it for parents, relatives, neighbours, the poor and the debilitated.

A true believer is thus always prepared, after meeting the needs of his family, to assist other people in need of his help. The spirit of kindness and well-wishing is the essence of charity.

Islam teaches that the giver is not to expect any reward from the beneficiary; awaiting them is an abundant reward from God – material, moral and spiritual – what God deems best to confer on His servant.