Zakat is a blessing to both the giver and the receiver. Your contribution of Zakat has helped Darul Arqam to spread a better awareness and understanding of Islam through courses, lectures, media, and many other programmes.

Darul Arqam continues to uphold the trust to fulfil the rights and responsibilities of the distribution of Zakat to provide the necessities for the eight (8) groups (Asnaf) as mentioned in the Quran accordingly.

Who are the recipients of Zakat within the 8 Asnaf? 

1) Muallaf 

Muallaf are those whose hearts are inclined towards Islam. Upon conversion, the Muallaf receives a copy of the Quran, prayer materials, books and other publications on Islam. Comprehensive programmes are instituted to provide for their continued spiritual development and progress. The religious teachers engaged by Darul Arqam Singapore are instrumental to the Muallaf’s educational, religious and spiritual development in Islam. Educational activities such as mosque visits and usrah sessions (group discussions) serve to strengthen bonds with Islamic brethren. Funds for Muallaf are also channelled towards the printing of materials to propagate the teachings of Islam, which are distributed free.


2) Fakir

A fakir is one who has neither material possessions nor means of livelihood.


3) Miskin

A miskin is one with insufficient means of livelihood to meet basic needs. Funds are disbursed to deserving poor & needy for daily household expenses, schooling needs and other geriatric requirements.


4) Gharimin 5) Riqab 6) Ibnussabil

Gharimin, Ibnissabil and Riqab refer to those who are in debt, the wayfarer and those in bondage.


7) Fisabilillah

The literal meaning of Fisabilillah is “in the way of Allah” or “for the sake of Allah”. In Darul Arqam Singapore, these are expressed through our education programmes in our effort to strive in the cause of Allah for ones spiritual betterment.

Darul Arqam Singapore strives to promote Islam through da’wah:

  • Training suitable candidates locally and abroad to better prepare and build on the pool of qualified da’i (those who invite towards understanding the message of Islam)
  • Providing religious classes at various level and languages
  • Organising talks and lectures by eminent Muslims and scholars from the world over
  • Publishing books and periodicals on Islam

“Propagate my teaching even if it is only one sentence,” says Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Guided by this hadith, we strive to promote continuous guidance and support to new converts and Muslim at large.


8) Amil 

Amil is the category for administrators of Zakat. Besides collection, the administration and disbursement of Zakat are also an important duty carried out by Darul Arqam Singapore. Regular reviews by the management and strict conformity to procedures are ensured to maintain excellence and effective outreach using Zakat funds.

You may pay your Zakat at our Zakat Collection Counter which will be opened from 9.30am to 9.00pm daily in the month of Ramadhan. Or you may also download the Donation / Zakat Form here and send it to us.

 For further information on Zakat beneficiaries, kindly contact:
Finance Division