Fiqh Modules

Covering 8 weekly lessons per module.

This course addresses the basic rules and duties of a Muslim based on the Islamic Law. It provides details on how to perform and appreciate these deeds that significantly complement the understanding of Islam.

The Fiqh Module 1 will cover the following lessons:

  • The meaning of Fiqh, the 5 rulings of Fiqh and the foundations of Fiqh
  • Purification (Toharah)  and the tenets of purification i.e. Obligatory bath (ghusl) and Ablution (wudhu’).

The Fiqh Module 2 will cover the following lessons:

  • Introduction to prayers, the conditions of prayers, the rukun of prayers
  • What nullifies the prayers and the supererogatory acts of prayers
  • Jama’ & Qasar of prayers
  • Other congregational (Jemaah) prayers

The Fiqh Module 3 will cover the following lessons::

  • Fastings and the rulings pertaining to it.
  • The rulings and the different types of fasting
  • Pre-dawn meal (Sahur) and breaking of Fast (Iftar)
  • Acts which void the fast.
  • The Night of Magnificent (Lailatul Qadr).

The Fiqh Module 4 will cover the following lessons::

  • Engagement and marriage in Islam.
  • The 5 rulings of Fiqh on marriage.
  • Wedding reception (Walimah) and dowry.
  • Rights of husband, wife and children.
  • Divorce (Talaq) and its rights in Islam.
  • Retraction (Ruju’) of divorce.
  • Inheritance


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