During the conversion ceremony, you need to recite the Shahadah (Declaration of Faith) in the presence of the Registration officer and the two male Muslim witnesses. You need to express it clearly with conviction, and to internalise the meaning of the Shahadah.

You are required to bring along:

  • Two (2) male Muslim adults as witnesses (preferably relatives and/or close friends who can guide the Convert)
  • Three (3) passport sized photographs
  • Convert’s NRIC (Singapore) or passport (Foreigner)
  • Witnesses’ NRIC (Singapore) or passport (Foreigner)

Complete the Conversion Registration Form available from the CDD office on the day of the conversion ceremony. Please include the particulars of your spouse or spouse to-be, if any, in the form.

You are strongly encouraged to have a Muslim name ready. You can browse through a list of Muslim names at the CDD counter.

Upon conversion, you will be issued with the Conversion Card and a gift set which includes a translation of the Quran, prayer compass, prayer mat, prayer garment (for sisters) and a prayer cap (for brothers).

 For further information on the Conversion Ceremony, kindly contact:
Converts’ Development Division