Islamic Creed 1 (Tawhid Module 1) – The Pillars of Faith and Islam – Fridays

Lecturer: M Azim Md Foad
Date: 26/01/2018 - 23/03/2018 Time:8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Location: Darul Arqam Training Room B
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Islamic Creed Classes

8 sessions per module, weekly

This course offers participants a deeper insight into the purposes of creation and existence of Mankind according to the Quran and the deeds of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Participants will also acquire basic understanding of Islamic creed (tenets of faith).

Module 1 (The Pillars of Faith & Islam):

  • This module is recommended for beginners’ with little or no basic knowledge of Tawhid
  • The Creator and His Attributes
  • Elaboration on the prophetic revelation
  • Faith in matters of the unseen

Module 2 (Fostering Relationship With The Creations):

  • Different views on the Creator
  • Mission of the Prophets (AS)
  • The Creator and the creation
  • Concept of Tawhid
  • Freedom & responsibility
  • Significance of the Opening Chapter in the Quran (Al-Fatihah)

Module 3 (Realm After Death):

  • Understanding the human life
  • Death, the beginning of the new life
  • The Intermediate Realm (Barzakh)
  • Resurrection
  • 5 stages in the day of Judgment
  • The final abode: Paradise and Hellfire


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