Sirah Module 2 (Islamic History 2 – After Migration to Madinah) – Saturdays

Lecturer: Rafi Rashid
Date: 09/12/2017 - 27/01/2018 Time:4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Location: Darul Arqam premises (kindly refer to signage stand on Levels 1 & 2)
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Sirah Modules

8 Sessions per module, weekly

This course outlines the significant events of Islamic civilisation by studying the lives of the Prophet Muhammad and the past prophets, may peace of Allah be with them.

Module 1 – Prophethood and the Years in Mecca:

  • Introduction to Sirah
  • The History of The Early Arabs and The Early Mecca
  • The Religions Around Mecca
  • The Birth of The Prophet Muhammad
  • The Prophethood and The Invitation to Islam
  • Late Mecca: The Ban
  • The Sad Year (Am Al-Huzn)
  • The Night of Ascension (Isra’ Wal Mi’raj)

Module 2 – After Migration to Madinah:

  • The migration to Madinah
  • The formation of the first Muslim community by Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
  • The battle of Badar
  • The battle of Uhud
  • The Al-Ahzab invasion
  • The Treaty of Hudaibiyyah
  • The Farewell Pilgrimage

Module 3 – The Past Prophets:

  • The Significance of Learning Sirah
  • The Prophet Adam
  • The Prophet Nuh
  • The Prophet Ibrahim
  • The Prophet Lut
  • The Prophet Jesus



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