1. What is a Da’wah worker?
Da’wah worker is a person who has undergone training for the necessary knowledge and skills to share Islam. The Da’wah worker will be able to show the beauty of Islam beyond media stereotypes.


2.What are the criteria of a Da’wah Ambassador?
• Passion to promote the true message of Islam
• Desire to acquire the relevant content and skills


3.Are there any eligibility requirements for the training programme?
Participants need to be Muslims and at least 18 years old to join our programme.


4.Must I be exactly 18 years old to apply for the training programme?
We will accept participants who are 18 years old according to their birth year. For the year 2018, we will accept students who are born from the year 2000 or earlier.


5.How can I sign up for the training programme?
Potential students can register on this link http://bit.ly/register-DATP2019 and fill in the application form.

Upon registration, we will review the details and provide the student an email if he or she is shortlisted into the programme.
If we require additional information, we will call the individual to seek clarification.

Once shortlisted, the individual will need to make a payment of $120 to Darul Arqam’s Islamic English Bookshop before the commencement of  the first module.
Confirmation as DATP student will only take place upon payment.

If you have further enquiries, please contact the course coordinators: bushra@mcas.sg or junaidi@mcas.sg. Kindly provide us 3 working days to reply your email.


6. Do I need to pay for the workshops?

Potential students will have to pay a one-time registration fee of $120 for the entire programme. Confirmation as DATP student will only take   place upon payment.


7.Do I need to have certain religious education background to join as a student?
No, we do not require participants to have religious education background to join our programme. Any Muslims of 18 years and above with the passion and desire can join the programme


8.Must I attend all courses to complete the training programme?
Students will need to attend at least seven modules to fulfil the requirement of the programme.


9.What do I achieve from the training programme?

At the end of the training programme, participants will be able to:

– Answer FAQs on Islam effectively
– Clarify misconceptions on Islam
– Apply different Da’wah approaches and techniques in daily life
– Spread the beauty of Islam to Muslim and non-Muslim alike


10.How long is the duration of the training programme?

Each module is 1-day training session from 10am to 5pm. We will organise training workshops for each module every month. Students will be able to complete all 12 modules at end of 2018.


11.Who are the DATP trainers?
DATP modules will be conducted by experienced trainers ranging from Islamic scholars, both local and overseas, as well as communication experts who will conduct training on soft skills required for Da’wah.


12. Is the training programme accredited by any religious organisation?
The training programme is officially organised by Muslim Converts’ Association of Singapore under Da’wah division. However, we do not provide any professional accreditation nor is the programme affiliated with other religious institute of higher learning. Although there is no official accreditation, participants will still gain Islamic knowledge and hands-on experience with regards to performing Da’wah. Participants will also receive certificate of participation after completing the programme.


13. How are the lessons conducted?
There are two types of modules: theoretical and practical.

Theoretical modules will have Islamic scholars or experts in a certain field to conduct the training. After each training session, there will be an activity or breakout discussion to be completed in class.

Practical modules will require participants to receive experiential and hands-on learning. For example, participants will assist mosque staff on sharing about Islam to visitors, primarily tourists.


14.What are the guidelines for DATP students?

  • Student will need to attend 75% of the module to be considered present.
  • Student should take the initiative to register their attendance every time they attend lessons even if they come later
  • No refund is given after payment is made
  • Fees are to be settled before or on the first day of lesson at the English Islamic Bookshop
  • No make –up class is available if students were to miss any class
  • MCAS reserves the right to cancel or change any class, workshop, course or seminar without prior notice
  • MCAS reserves the right to alter the time-table or any programme
  • Kindly provide staff 3 working days to attend to enquiries on programme
  • Students should observe basic Islamic code of conduct and attire during lessons. We highly recommend that the students’ dress code should be smart casual