In less than a month time, Muslims around the world will invite Ramadan to our doorsteps. In regards to Ramadan, our Prophet Muhammad, may peace and blessings be upon him ever mentioned in a hadith narrated by Abu Hurayrah (r.a.):

“There has come to you Ramadan, a blessed month which Allah has enjoined you to fast, during which the gates of heaven are opened and the gates of Hell are closed, and the rebellious devils are chained up. In it there is a night which is better than a thousand months, and whoever is deprived of its goodness is indeed deprived. – Reported by Imam Nasa’i and Imam Ahmad.

It is indeed a huge blessings for us in getting to meet the month of Ramadan every year.

With the collaboration effort from esteemed mosques, let’s together prepare ourselves to get the best out of Ramadan this year by joining our classes below:

1) Fiqh For Ramadan

In this 4-weekly lessons course, participants will learn the necessary knowledge in welcoming and preparing for the fasting month as well as the knowledge to benefit the most during the fasting month.

The first 2 lessons of this course will cover on what every Muslim needs to know before engaging in the act of fasting in Ramadan. This includes:

  • Why do Muslims fast
  • The benefit of fasting
  • How and what to prepare ourselves to ensure a pleasant experience on the days of fasting
  • The Sunnah acts of fasting
  • Acts to avoid during fasting

The last 2 lessons of this course will prepare participants on how to maximize the remaining days of Ramadan. This includes:

  • The recommended Sunnah prayers in Ramadan
  • The recommended acts to do in Ramadan
  • Preparations to meet the Lailatul Qadar (The Night of Magnificent)
  • Preparing for Eidul Fitr
  • Recommended acts to do in Syawal.


2) Solah Refresher Course

The purpose of this course is to facilitate and to aid the understanding and at the same time, refresh the knowledge on how to perform the Solat properly. This includes:

  • Guide to Toharah (Purifications)
  • Ghusul (Major Bath) and Wudhu (Ablutions)
  • Tenets and the sequence of Solah
  • Acts that nullify the Solah
  • Jema’ah (Congregational) Solah


These classes are free-of-charge and online registration is required. Book your slots now!