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The matter of faith is not a kind of dogmatic matter that you should not look or not think about but just accept blindly, because the intellect could also be a strong foundation for a firmer type of faith.

By believing in Muhammad as the last messenger, Muslims also must believe in all prophets throughout history as Muhammad recognized those who came before him. The Quran clarifies that all prophets sent from Adam to Muhammad were sent by God.

The natural human curiosity to understand the mysteries of the universe cannot be totally satisfied by known scientific methods or mystical experiences. We depend on a higher source of information and that can only be the direct revelation of God to his Prophets.

The existence of life is a marvel. Everything that we see, feel and touch is in perfect harmony within a grand scheme of things from galaxies and stars to subatomic particles. Islam offers a unique insight and a clear perspective of things we know and so much that we do not know.

This booklet is a suitable introduction for readers who seek to understand better the perspective of Islam. It presents a brief look at various worldviews and examines the factors that help us in understanding our ways of looking at the world.

Most Muslims feel that they have a responsibility to answer queries from non-Muslims adequately and sincerely to share Islam with them. They hope that sharing about Islam among their friends of other faiths will strengthen the friendship between Muslims and non-Muslims, enabling them to live in unanimity and wholesomeness.


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