Qurban Drive

Event details

Event: Qurban Drive 2019
Day & Date: Sunday, 25th August 2019
Event Time: 9am to 1pm
Delivery Quantity: 5 - 10 Qurban packages per car
Reporting Venue: MCAS, 32 Onan Rd, The Galaxy, S424484

1. Please ensure car boot is empty for Qurban package.
2. Please ensure no valuables are placed in the car during the event.
3. Drivers are welcomed to bring along family members/relatives/friends.
4. If you wish to register for groups of vehicles, please directly email us at volunteers@mcas.sg

The Event Programme details will be sent via email 1 week before the event.

About Qurban Drive

MCAS Qurban Drive was first launched in Year 2017. Our objective is to create awareness on the significance of Qurban and the values that it instils, especially to our new Converts, as well as to promote the act of giving in celebration of Eid‐ul Adha. A total of 1,200kg Qurban meat were distributed to MCAS’ Fakir Miskin clients.

In 2019, we will be collaborating with several Malay‐Muslim Organisations to reach out to these disadvantaged families. MCAS will be sharing portions of our Qurban meat to other Muslim organisations, where they will distribute the meat and groceries on our behalf. An estimated 850 families will benefit from this distribution. Eighty percent of these beneficiaries are made up of recipients from participating organisations which comes under the category of Fakir Miskin/ Converts/ Elderly Aid. We will be providing Qurban meat sponsored by Al‐Falah Academy SG and Hezom International. We hope to touch the hearts of the families and uplift their spirit this Eid‐ul Adha, with the intention to strengthen the bond of our Muslim brothers and sisters.