DACCnDAYS PTM booking (5 November 2023)

Booking must be made using a valid email address, mobile number and full name of students. Please click the drop-down menu below for the student's class & teacher. Please note that you need to book separately for each student.


Important Notes

  • Appointment slots are subjected to availability.
  • Phone number is optional. Please note that phone number can only be used for one booking.
  • Each appointment slot for PTM will be for 10 mins maximum. Please note that the actual booking timing might be slightly adjusted.
  • Each appointment slot is for one student only.
  • PTM will be held physically at Madrasah Al-Maarif. Detailed information on the PTM will be emailed on 2 November 2023.
  • An automated email titled “New Pending Booking Request” will be sent upon successful booking. Another email titled “New Booking Information [APPROVED]” will be sent once booking is confirmed.
  • For assistance, please email daccndays@mcas.sg or call ED general hotline at 6597 0400 (press 2).