FAQ on Registrations & Classes

1Do I need to register to attend classes at Darul Arqam?

Yes, our classes are mostly by registration only as the spaces are limited. Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis.

The classes where registration are not required include the Knowing Islam Session (KIS) conducted on every Saturday and Sunday mornings only. Interested participants can simply walk-in to these classes.

2How do I register for classes at Darul Arqam?

Registration of courses is to be made online. To serve you better and for better administration, we have started to implement a new course registration system for most of our courses/classes.

There are 2 platforms to register for our classes/courses:

  1. via www.mcas.sg
  2. via www.mcas.aimsapp.com/onlineapp (for now, only applicable for courses under Education Division)
3Creating an Account
  1. For registration of course/class under www.mcas.sg website, please follow the steps below:
  2. Step 1: Visit www.mcas.org.sg
    Step 2: On the top right-hand corner of the page, there is a “Register” button. Click on the red “Register” button.
    Step 3: Fill in your details as prompted in the page, then click register.
    Once you have successfully created an account with us, you may proceed to register for our courses online by clicking on the class that you are interested in.

  3. For registration of Courses under the new Course Registration Page
  4. Step 1: Look for the course/class that you wish to attend on our website www.mcas.org.sg.
    Step 2: Once on the website, go to Programs > Classes > Modules to view the 3 Levels of courses, as shown below. Click on the Levels to view the courses offered and the synopsis of courses.
    Step 3: To go directly to the Registration page to view all the classes/courses available, click on “CLICK HERE FOR FULL LIST OF COURSES & REGISTRATION” as shown below.
    Step 4: Once on the Registration Page, look for the course you are registering for. Once located, click on the “Register Online” on the extreme right as shown below.
    Step 5: Fill up all the particulars on the Registration Form. Please note that the fields marked * are mandatory.
    Once completed click on the “Submit Registration” icon, as shown below.
    Step 6: Your registration is now confirmed. You will receive an email confirmation for your registration.
4I have registered successfully but i did not receive any email confirmation. What should i do next?

There is a possibility that the confirmation email might end up in the Junk Folder or Spam Folder. If you still cannot find the email confirmation in these folders, you may alert the Education Division by calling us at 65970400 or email us at eddstaff@darul-arqam.org.sg.

5I am interested to register for a class. Can I register for my friend/partner as well?

No, registration is tied to your email address hence we will require every participant to register for the class on their own.

6Must I pay for the classes at Darul Arqam?

Most of our classes are free of charge unless otherwise stated in the poster and/or website. Paid courses are usually thematic classes such as Fiqh for Ladies, Hajj & Umrah, Jenazah Management etc.

7What is the age limit for those who wish to attend classes at Darul Arqam?

Our classes are catered to adults aged 18 and above.

8 I am interested to convert to Islam. What classes must I attend?

Before embracing Islam, you are highly encouraged to attend the introductory classes such as:

This class is a one-time off class. After attending this class, students may proceed to the Beginners Course on Islam (BCI) if they are interested to know more about Islam. No registration is required for the KIS class.

The BCI class consists of 10 lessons on a weekly basis. Online registration is required for this class.

The BCX class however consists of 8 lessons over 2 weeks on a daily basis. Online registration is required for this class.

This LP1 class consists of 6 lessons on a weekly basis. Online registration is required for this class.

The LPX class however consists of 4 lessons over 1 week on a daily basis. Online registration is required for this class.

9Is the Marriage Guidance course conducted by Darul Arqam catered to converts or can born Muslims sign up as well?

The Marriage Guidance Course (MGC) is open to all Muslims (new converts and born Muslims) but some topics/explanations will be more useful for converts as it tackles issues arising from different cultural backgrounds. The course will be conducted in a group setting in classrooms.

For registration for the MGC, you would be required to come down to our Association and approach the Bookshop to make payments for the course. The Officer will then register you for the course.

10Must i be a convert in order to attend the Marriage Guidance course?

No. We accept registration for all participants, even for non-converts and non-Muslims.