Sponsored Podcasts

By Muslim Converts’ Association of Singapore (Darul Arqam)

NJU Series

Podcast hosted by 3 witty NJU hosts (Dzar Ismail, Dyn Norahim & Raja Radzi) along with non-Judgemental Ustaz & Ustazah. This podcast is a Q&A session from the listeners to the asatizah in regards to any religion-related issues without judging their background knowledge. Podcast is being conducted mostly in Malay Language.
  • Introduction to MCAS by Sister Norsiah Saad
Part of NJU E284

MCAS only for converts and conversion of religion? Listen to this episode to learn about what we do in MCAS and what activities do we organise for the Muslim and becoming Muslim community!

  • Da’wah Awareness Training Programme by Sister Fistri Abdul Rahim
Part of NJU E285

What is DATP? What do we do at DATP? Listen to sister Fistri, our participant from the first batch of DATP, shares her experience from the programme.

  • Story of a Convert by Sister Angel Lim
Part NJU E286

Convert because of love or for the religion? Listen to Sister Angel sharing her point of view before converting and as a convert.

  • Post-Conversion Classes by Ustazah Nuraizah Amin
Part of NJU E290

Want to know more about Quranic Literacy, Let’s Pray 2 and Tauhid classes? Listen to hear the elaboration of these classes by Ustazah Nuraizah.

  • Da’wah Talk by Ustazah Bushra
Part of NJU E291

What are the types of talk that MCAS organise? Why do we invite certain speakers for our programme? Let’s hear Ustazah Bushra’s explanation on our Da’wah Talk as one of our Da’wah movement.

  • Love Upon Light (Upcoming Portal) by Ustazah Bushra
Part of NJU E292

Why another portal? How is it different from other Islamic portal? Listen to Ustazah Bushra as she explains on how different is the approach of our upcoming portal.

  • Project Ansar & Project Light By Brother Imran Kuna
Part of NJU E296

These NEW projects were launched to help our converts in their transition into Islam.

  • Story of a Convert 2.0 by Brother Imran Kuna
Part of NJU E297

Learn about the changes that Brother Imran has to go through to perfect his religious practices and being a Muslim.

  • Ramadhan Programme at MCAS by Brother Junaidi
Part of NJU E298

What are the activities that MCAS organise to lift up the spirit of Ramadhan? Listen in to find out the activities that we organise in MCAS during Ramadhan!