General Manager

Norsiah Saad

Converts’ Care & Social Services Division

Converts’ Care & Social Services Division (CCSS) manages the conversion services and registration, as well as facilitates a wide range of programmes to provide social and welfare support for the clients of the Association. From counselling to monthly discussions, the programmes conducted by CCSS encourage Converts to foster a healthy support network of new Muslims.

Education Division

Education Division (ED) administers the introductory and enrichment courses, as well as coordinates the detailed aspects necessary to conduct classes regularly. ED plans and develops the course contents to suitably cater for English speakers. Besides for the new learners of Islam, ED also offers programmes for Converts who seek further understanding of the Islamic faith and deeper appreciation of its elements.

Da’wah Division

Da’wah Division (Da’wah) organises lectures and seminars by inviting international scholars to discuss contemporary issues pertaining to the understanding of Islam and the universal message of Islam. Da’wah also publishes magazines and books for dissemination to the general public and friends of other faith to invite them towards a better understanding of the Islamic faith and Muslim beliefs.

Corporate Affairs Division

Corporate Affairs Division (CA) contributes to the development and accomplishment of the Association’s business plans and objectives. CA manages the relationship between the Association and its internal and external customers: employees, members, volunteers and associations, government, the community and the general public at large.

Finance Division

Finance Division (Finance) oversees the economic procedures and transactions within the Association including managing and disbursing the Zakat funds for the Zakat beneficiaries. Responsible for the Zakat Collection Centre, Finance also runs training sessions for the Amil (collectors of Zakat) to enable them to discharge their duties effectively.