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Da’wah Awareness Training Programme (DATP) is an initiative by MCAS to train and equip aspiring Da’wah workers, age 18 and above, with relevant knowledge and skills to present Islam confidently to the world.

As it is the responsibility of all Muslims to practise and portray Islam in its true positive light, acquiring the right knowledge and skills is essential. DATP provides this avenue for its participants to learn and practise Da’wah.

Highlights of DATP:

  • Modules will be conducted by Islamic scholars and communication experts who will teach the required skills for Da’wah
  • Participants will master Prophetic and Contemporary Da’wah techniques and develop effective ways to answer questions on Islam
  • Participants will also have the opportunity to apply the acquired Da’wah skills during the practical training sessions

Modules included in the programme are:

  • Learning Journey
  • Da’wah Techniques & Approaches
  • Prophetic Methodology & Constitution Appreciation
  • Community of Practice 1 & Field practice 1
  • Islamic History
  • Islamic Knowledge: Misconceptions towards Islam, and Intra-faith in Islam
  • Community of Practice 2 & Field Practice 2
  • Presentation & Personal Communication Skills
  • Study of Religions
  • Community of Practice 3 & Interfaith visit

The programme consists of 10 modules over a one year period, where participants are encouraged to attend every module. The minimum requirement to successfully complete DATP is to achieve 70% attendance.

All modules will be conducted on either the third or the fourth Saturday of the month. The dates for the modules will be informed to students during the first session. However, MCAS reserves the right to alter the DATP schedule according to circumstances.

Participants who follow through and complete the programme will have the following opportunities:

  • Be a Befriender and mentor new Converts
  • Be a docent at MCAS by sharing Islam to visitors
  • Be a docent for Mosque tours

Participants are required to pay a one-time fee of $120 for the whole programme (only $12 per module).

Don’t miss the chance to experience this comprehensive training programme, tailored to turn participants into confident ambassadors of Islam!

For Frequently Asked Questions, please view the [FAQ Page link]. You may also contact or for further enquiries.

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