Darul Arqam Children Class and Darul Arqam Youth School (DACCnDAYS) is a Weekend Islamic School catered for children between 7 to 16 years old. Formed more than 20 years ago, DACCnDAYS aims to provide a structured Islamic studies programme for every child. With Religious Knowledge (RK) and Quranic Literacy (QL) as the two main components driving DACCnDAYS lessons and activities, we hope that every child will be equipped with the fundamental Islamic knowledge essential to hold on to as a Muslim.

Religious Knowledge (RK)

We recognize the importance of delivering Islamic education in a modern approach. As such, DACCnDAYS use IQRA’ International Education Foundation curriculum for our weekend Islamic school. IQRA’s International Education Foundation curriculum was collectively conceived in 1983 by Islamic educators and professionals, who believes that Islamic education must be of the highest standards and age appropriate.

Quranic Literacy (QL)

Our Quranic Literacy (QL) is based on the Taisiirul Akhyaar methodology. Taisiirul Akhyaar methodology is a structured Quranic Literacy program that makes learning recitation of the Quran easy. It emphasizes on the recognition and articulation of the Arabic letters, as well as the tajweed to emphasize the importance of proper tajweed in Quran recitation.

• 10 months fee payable in a year

• No payment for November and December