Annex 1

MCAS Code of Conduct

The code of conduct sets out the behavior that is expected from volunteers.

Volunteers are required to:

  • Participate in orientation, training and ongoing development opportunities
  • Work within the boundaries of the volunteering position description while supporting the vision, mission and policies outlined by the Association
  • Take ownership for actions and decisions made while volunteering
  • Approach the volunteering assignment as a professional commitment
  • Engage in discussions with staff to express comments, suggestions or concerns
  • Promote team spirit by respecting differences in people, valuing diversity of opinion and working with others to achieve the goals of the Association
  • Value the importance of providing exceptional quality services to the Association’s clients and members by being friendly, informed and respectful
  • Avoid any activities that would compromise decisions or ability to effectively carry out the duties that would conflict with the best interest of the Association
  • It is important that volunteers are reasonably attired when they come to the Association. They are expected to dress in a manner that enhances the Association’s image and culture