Volunteers represent an integral feature and component of Darul Arqam Singapore. They assist to facilitate a range of services from management to operational duties and assignments in accordance with the needs of the organisation. The volunteers have contributed significantly in varied deployments, i.e. event management, training, celebrations, Zakat programmes, in-house activities and other initiatives to enhance our service to the people.

Volunteering is a positive avenue to perform good deeds for the community, meet new people, and at the same time, develop a sense of fulfilment and knowledge of our surroundings.

What Activities or Programmes Can You Volunteer for?

  • Administrative
  • Amil
  • Event Management
  • Legal Clinic
  • Ramadhan Iftar
  • Befrienders
  • YODA
  • Classes and Courses
  • Fakir Miskin Programmes
and more!

How to Volunteer:

  1. Print and complete the Volunteer Registration Form below.
  2. Kindly submit the completed form to The English Islamic Bookshop during its operating hours, or mail it back to us at the following address:

    Muslim Converts’ Association of Singapore
    32 Onan Road, The Galaxy
    Singapore 424484

  3. You will be invited to a Volunteer Orientation session, which provides an overview of the programmes conducted by Darul Arqam Singapore and the various capacities in which the volunteers can contribute

Our Volunteer Groups