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How You’ve Impacted People’s Lives

  • “Thank you MCAS for the opportunity to learn through the Foundation in Quranic Studies course. Not only it did help to understand the essentials of the Quranic sciences, but it also improved my recitation to the point that I became confident enough to recite Quran publicly! I believe anyone who supports MCAS’s efforts will benefit not only themselves, but the wider community."

    – Firdaus (Born Muslim) –

  • “Before converting, I was brought up in an orphanage and I never knew what it was like having someone to care for you. Not only is MCAS a place where I was able to learn beneficial knowledge, but it is also where I felt I had a family, where I received the support all I needed – from spiritual to financial.’’

    – By Sharon @ Nurul Ain (Converted in 2008) –

  • “’MCAS is like a second home to me here in Singapore. It is the only place where I gained knowledge about Islam from nothing to where I am now. Alhamdulillah.It is the go-to place where a non-Muslim can start their journey to learn Islam comfortably, without fear of judgement.’’

    – Huma Zaafira (Converted in 2011) –

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