Zero Latency

Zero Latency Singapore is the global leader in multiplayer free-roam virtual reality, and Zero Latency is regarded as one of the world’s best virtual reality gaming experiences. Players will get a truly unique experience in Team Building for co-workers to get the chance to share and experience, ‘scream’ and laugh together while building last memories and bonding as a team. New to VR? Watch it here: VR at Zero Latency

Laser Tag

Safer than paintball, of course! Players would have to strategise and work in teams to complete their mission and defeat their opponents. Neon Laser Tag is as follows: Neon Laser Tag

NERF Action Xperience

NERF Action Xperience embodies the essence of NERF, providing fun-filled experiences in an arena packed with multiple-themed activity zones. Get your adrenaline pumping through exciting challenges and foster meaningful connections with fellow players while you’re at it. Experience the freedom to play and feel empowered with the confidence to be yourself in every way. In our nation, no one gets left behind. Activities available here: NERFAX Activities